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TOMER G - Seven Nation Army 2K18 (POPOPOPO!) (Official Video - Tramp2Heaven Stadium Mix)

Dodano: 2018-06-08

Wyświetleń: 224332

Czas trwania: 04:01

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Opis materiału TOMER G - Seven Nation Army 2K18 (POPOPOPO!) (Official Video - Tramp2Heaven Stadium Mix)

With FIFA2018,
10 years, after his previous remake,  TOMER G delivers a new mix of SEVEN NATION ARMY 2K18 especially for Mondial 2018 
together with Tramp2Heaven on the production,
with a unique music video in which 
freestyle talents from ALL OVER THE WORLD 
The special social music video created in:
France, England, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, NYC, Latvia, Bolivia, Mexico, Israel
The hosting country Russia & many more – 
The first-ever global football celebration in a social-media gathering “fill” music video.

Originally by The White Stripes, now in a brand-new stadium version with FIFA 2018 KICKOFF!

Music & Lyrics by Jack White
Performed by TOMER G.
Produced & mixed by Tramp2Heaven with TOMER G.
Mixed & mastered by Jordan Schultz
(P) & (C) Tomer G Productions 
Publishing: Universal music publishing, Dalia Publishing.

Out now in all digital stores:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0g0aDPmS7uru141vVp1tMO?si=KdHOP8mxQ429JVo01ZDeUA




Music video:  
Edited by Avoxvision @ Avoxvision studios 

Video guest stars:
MICHAEL ARRUBLA  www.instagram.com/Michael_9_10
LUCIA KEVICKA  www.instagram.com/Lucia_freestyle
MATHIEU PIERRON  www.instagram.com/mathieupierron
SAMY CHAMOUMA  www.instagram.com/samy27baller
GAUTIER FAYOLLE  www.instagram.com/gautierfayolle
CLENENT REUBRECHT  www.instagram.com/clemkeym
JORDAN MEUNIER  www.instagram.com/jordanfootstyle
VICTOR MIRANDA  www.instagram.com/vicfreestyle
ANNA KUREK  www.instagram.com/ania_messi
BILLY HAMILTON  www.instagram.com/bham_freestyle
DUSAN VLAHOVIC  www.instagram.com/dufreestyle
YO KATSUYAMA  www.instagram.com/freestyleyo
HARRIET PAVLOU  www.instagram.com/harrietfreestyle
DAWID KRZYZOWSKI  www.instagram.com/dawidkrzyzowski
JAKUB GAPLOVSKY  www.instagram.com/superfly_gaplo
JAIME BRUNO  www.instagram.com/magnetfreestyle
PALOMA PUJOL  www.instagram.com/freestyle_smiles
ALEKSANDR VASILJEV  www.instagram.com/sanya_ff_
 SHIZUO CHILIAN www.instagram.com/shizuofs
FANIE MOLELI & Siyajabulassf crew  www.instagram.com/soccerfreestyle_ssf
ANTHONY DILLARD www.instagram.com/Anthonyldillard
ALAN CROFT  www.instagram.com/croftafellafs
DANIEL CAPPELLARO  www.instagram.com/D10football
YURI IZU  www.instagram.com/yuri_kamalio
LUCA CHIARVESIO  www.instagram.com/luca95freestyle
OR AVIGZER   www.instagram.com/or_avigzer
YONATAN BEN DOR  www.instagram.com/bendoryonatan
AVIEL STOICA  www.instagram.com/avielstoica
TONY POPOV  www.instagram.com/Tonyfreeperm
GINA GEE  www.instagram.com/1energygoddess

MARCO ANTONIO  www.instagram.com/marcoantonionf11
ARIANA DOS SANTOS  www.instagram.com/Arianadossantos10
joo-G & shun-P & ArAtA   www.youtube.com/jooooG

Floki Fashioninsta & Dog Blog  www.instagram.com/sweet.life.of.floki

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Worked, produced and performed with leading stars in the music industy: KYLIE MINOGUE, BRITNEY SPEARS, PITBULL, SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, LMFAO, QUEEN & many more, With his own achievements of TOP dancefloor EDM and main chart hits in France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Israel & more.
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Lursian 7w7
Beginning reminds me of Despacito.
Léøn KéNnédy
Please . Can you tell me about The name of this guy 1.12
kike cracks 11
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 champion du monde France Copa mundial de la FIFA Rusia 2018 campeón del mundo Francia
Hilton Ricardo
brasil e campeao po popopo
Hilton Ricardo
brasil e campeao po
Arafat Sifat
Love it 😍😍😍
pika txu
pauvres white stripes qui n'ont rien demandé et surtout pas cette récupération footballistique de veaux qui pensent que ce titre s'appelle popopopo...
Nancy Gc
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Chucky Lozaaaaaaaaano...
Andrey Felix pereira
Brasiil 2022🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🏆🏆🏆
Идальго Санчез