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White Lies - Tokyo (Official Video)

Dodano: 2019-01-10

Wyświetleń: 2046484

Czas trwania: 04:53

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Opis materiału White Lies - Tokyo (Official Video)

                  'Tokyo' is taken from White Lies' upcoming album 'FIVE'.

Pre-Order: http://smarturl.it/WhiteLiesFIVE
Pre-Save: http://smarturl.it/WhiteLiesFIVEPreSave
Stream 'Tokyo': http://smarturl.it/WhiteLiesTokyo                


Виктория Виктория
Harry's voice + amazing 80's style = masterpiece 😍 Love this video also ❤️
Wesley C
It's underrated.
Ivo Heijman
Great song!!!
Mario Alt
Phenomenal song. 80s are back! :)
1:49 is that a tanned matt watson famous lets player from super mega?
Andy2018 Wat
Still can't stop playing it a week later! Just gets better.
Baron Bayne
Weeiiirrddd. Love it.
hans visser
wat een band geweest op mijn verjaardag in juni, heerlijk
Faithful Collections
This is an AMAZING song. This could have been a top 10 hit if marketed/promoted like those pop artists are. I have a mixed CD I play at work everyday, and when this song by the white lies comes on, everyone in the warehouse is moving along with the song. Lots of rap and country listeners I work with, and ppl who like metal. But all my co workers love this song. They even asked who sings the Tokyo song, and they all thought it was imagine dragons, lol. I tell them The White Lies, and they've never heard of them. But yeah, this is a smash hit at my work. Number one on the charts
Andy2018 Wat
First time hearing this band. Excellent. Great bassline real 80s feel to it.