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GLEE - Gangnam Style (Full Performance) HD

Dodano: 2016-08-19

Wyświetleń: 953416

Czas trwania: 02:47

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Opis materiału GLEE - Gangnam Style (Full Performance) HD

                  GLEE - Gangnam Style (Full Performance) HD
Season 4, Episode 8 - "Thanksgiving"                


Miguel Aprígio
Sue saying that she could not move after listening to Acescion Millennium it's me listening to this song 🤦
how is mike not in this ???
Esteban Fernández
Awww, tina creyó que Finn la abrazaría pero solo le dijo "good luck"
As You Wish As You Wish
전세계적으로 나아갔구나~!!
한국인만 이해하는 고통
Margaret Riney
the wink lol
Vijisha Sajeevan
Tina is sooooo cute 😍❣️
Tbh even though the warblers cheated, the new directions still didn’t even deserve to win, this song was kind of a bad choice for sectionals
Angie Zusseth
How was everything so hard for Marley if Tina had the lead here?
Lol, So ideot.