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Alita Battle Angel Soundtrack - "I Don't Even Know My Own Name" - Tom Holkenborg

Dodano: 2019-02-15

Wyświetleń: 40535

Czas trwania: 05:45

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Opis materiału Alita Battle Angel Soundtrack - "I Don't Even Know My Own Name" - Tom Holkenborg

                  "I Don't Even Know My Own Name" was written and performed by Tom Holkenborg for the motion picture "Alita Battle Angel"                


John Doe
I heard this tune in another movie! Tell me, what was this movie?
Shahrukh Studio
This movie is so beautiful, it,s my all time favorite
John Pie
I loved this movie, it's the first time in a long time that I did not have this feeling for a movie. I developed a deep attachment for our Alita, I do not know how to explain this feeling but it is a good feeling, a feeling that I did not feel in any other movie. I hope with all my heart that part 2 will be available, one day maybe .. This movie for me, is a masterpiece.
How aren't there more people talking about the awesome music by Tom Holkenborg in this film. This is excellent. Beautiful movie and music!
I was extremely moved by this scene before I read the manga. But after I read the manga? I almost tear up just thinking about it. Suddenly, after a long sleep full of dreams, she opens her eyes, and she knows she is herself, but she's forgotten who or what that is. Arguably, she always was this good human being, but had lost her way in her previous life. Now, she has a second chance. This time, she'll know love, and she won't be the same as she was again. And this moment is her new beginning.
Edward Elric
Love this movie one of the best ever .. I took as many people as I could to see it.
Annika Vestergaard
4:50 sounds so good when the trompets comes on
Christopher Rose
how trustworthy are people who make lots of money for giving their opinion
The American YouTuber
The... ugh...
WideEyed OldGuy
Today I frantically looked for a way to contact Robert Rodriguez to plead with him to get to work on the sequel. It feels like each day of uncertainty diminishes my soul a little bit more... what does it take? who can I call? when will we know?