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BTS Jimin Sexy Moments | Park Jimin

Dodano: 2017-03-05

Wyświetleń: 1750418

Czas trwania: 03:18

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Opis materiału BTS Jimin Sexy Moments | Park Jimin

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This is the most perfect Jimin compilation ive come across so far and as a Jimin stan, ive seen A LOT. RIP ARMY😭😍
Rabid Bunny
Everyday I thank all that's good in the world that this video exists and is still up 💜💀💜
Sienna blossom
Anyone know this song Like they’ve edited it The original don’t sound like this
Jimin_IsMy Puppy
Here’s some facts:Bias:JiminBias Wrecker:JiminMy favorite BTS member:JiminJiminJiminJiminJiminJiminJiminPARK JIMIN!!!!!<3
Cath Valdez
I can't Jim out now guyz 💕😂
Olivia_ army X stay
What song??
Jimin’s mine back off West
Get the holy water we all need to drawned in it
tenningale ...
Lol is this some popular Asian thing? God this shit is cringey lmao
Francesca Baldassarra
bruh moment
Am I still gay? No