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Petit Biscuit - Waterfall ft. Panama (Official Video)

Dodano: 2017-11-30

Wyświetleń: 651537

Czas trwania: 02:49

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Opis materiału Petit Biscuit - Waterfall ft. Panama (Official Video)

                  Petit Biscuit - Waterfall ft. Panama (Official Video)
Waterfall, from the debut album ‘Presence’ from Petit Biscuit, available now.

Production by Studio Studios
Directed by Julien Humbert & Arnaud Laffond

Listen to Waterfall from my debut album ‘Presence’. 
Spotify: http://petitbiscu.it/PresenceSP
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Get ‘Presence’: 
Download: http://petitbiscu.it/PresenceIT
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Don't know what I should do
Sometimes I wish we could go somewhere
I feel it all around, I know you're seeing it too
I want to know if these words are enough
Sometimes you got to give it up
Sometimes you better not be rough
Because I need to know when I'm down and in trouble
Jump in the water
Jump in the waterfall
Jump in the waterfall
I want to work this out
The words you say don't fit right now
I hear your name around
Sometimes it takes too long
And I want to know if these words are enough
Sometimes you've got to give things up
Sometimes you better not let go
Because I need to know when I'm down and in trouble
Jump in the water
Jump in the waterfall

#petitbiscuit #waterfall #panama                


Petit Biscuit
Merci à tous d’être venu regarder la vidéo de ‘Waterfall’ ft. Panama, issue de mon premier album Presence. J’ai énormément apprécié travailler sur cette track, est-ce qu’elle vous plaît ? ❤~Thanks everyone for checking out ‘Waterfall’ ft. Panama, from my debut album Presence. This was a very fun track to work on, do you like it?
Channel 541
think to make this music become my background music but need a water jumping sequence
priyanka patil
Your music reminds me who I am.... Your music reminds me about art in me takes me to beautiful artistic imaginary world
Dunk Darius
Iceland I’m coming 😆😆
Ericka Johnson
Lol idk what he's floating on but I want one 😂😂😂 looks fun lol
Kal Kippins
wow just wow
CH3RRY Shmell
jaime trop 💕
Édila Gomes
Elen Santos
Suicidar-se ?
wallace ferreira
Brazil!!! i love you Petite ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤