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BeeGees Live by Request 2001 FuLL Concert Super HQ DVD

Dodano: 2017-06-29

Wyświetleń: 171352

Czas trwania: 01:29:36

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Opis materiału BeeGees Live by Request 2001 FuLL Concert Super HQ DVD



Strukle D
The perfection!!!Their voices and joy in HQ! .Thank you so much for this!!!
Este concierto mi papá todas las mañanas de domingo lo ponía :D. Ahora desde el cielo lo escucha atentamente :D Y canta. Octubre 2019 MAria Miau
susan santos
my kind of music during the 80's when I was in high school and until now that I'm 53. The greatest band of all times. A truly talented, humble and kindhearted people. An inspiration to all!
Lucas Souza
Nossa 42:19 melhor parte♥️
I think this was the beginning of Robin being sick..he looks so thin..followed a vegan diet just like Farah Fawcett did..you can't tell me that this diet is healthy, sticking to a vegan diet doesn't give you what your body needs to stay healthy and messes with your digestive system.
Lizzy Magtibay
bee gees❤️❤️❤️love love from Philippines🇵🇭
Dragan Milenkovic
Let me just remind you a fact:The whole show was broadcasted live and by actual requests.No autotunes,playbacks and other bullshit.Only pure talent and an unrepeatable performances.Who else can do the same today? I got no idea...
LOVE YOU GUYS! ALWAYS HAVE. ALWAYS WILL.You are all the best both in singing and song writing.Miss you Robin and Mo so much.Keep it up Barry we're with you!
I grew up listening to their music because my father love their music too much which I also become a fan.. I love beegees,I love their music and I missed watching them performing in trio. Their music will forever lived in my heart❤❤❤..thank you beegees for the great music❤
E.L. Mrachek
Love them.Miss them.My absolute favorite song writers and performers of all time.Their music is forever.Tears for Andy, Mo, and Robin who left us way too soon.