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Chase Rice - This Cowboy's Hat (feat. Ned LeDoux)

Dodano: 2019-04-04

Wyświetleń: 106866

Czas trwania: 05:06

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Opis materiału Chase Rice - This Cowboy's Hat (feat. Ned LeDoux)

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bob jons
Ned Ledoux, I miss your daddy but o know hes proud of you
Chuck H
Amazing how much Ned sounds like his dad.
Levi Pittman
You did such a good job on this both of you. You can hardly tell its a cover. Sounds so much like the original its insane. Normally i dont like covers to much but this is amazing
Northern Redneck
Omg! Chills! Tears! This is awesome ❤️Super proud of you for carrying on his memory. You like like him Ned! Lol #Cheyennelastconcert ❤️
Matt Clark
Anybody else notice that they were listening to “The best of Chris Ledoux” album at 0:40 ... not Used To Want To Be a Cowboy or Western Underground? C’mon man! It had to be a greatest hits album? Greatest hits are for fan girls! Still a great version though!
Nolan Hodges
Ok I love this song don't get me wrong but it bothers me it says feat Ned LeDoux when it's his dad's song and he should get the credit for it
Connie Turner
Alex Bettcher
Awsome cover. Great tribute.
P Jj
Why arent chase and ned on the radio every other song????