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HANG DRUM FULL ALBUM - 47 minuts of Handpan music by ANUAH - FLORESTA

Dodano: 2016-11-10

Wyświetleń: 126730

Czas trwania: 47:54

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Opis materiału HANG DRUM FULL ALBUM - 47 minuts of Handpan music by ANUAH - FLORESTA

                  This is our 3d album, from 2011, and now we decided to share it free in Youtube.
Floresta was recorded on the north of Spain, with solar energy, in Brian Bufon home studio. We were proposed to record there and we composed the most of the songs in one week, after that we traveled and busked with this CD 
Kampah and Joan Jibuk plays two Panart Hanghang, second gen and integral generations, flute and Sansula. Brian Bufon added improvisation tracks with many other instruments.
There is also improvised vocal collaborations from the neighbours. 

The cover design by La Secadora de Semillas

We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share



thank you for sharing <3 beautiful
Patricio Ruiz Alarcon
Muy hermoso registro y muy relajante... Me podrian pasar el dato del vocal de 10:40
Leonardo Alencar
magnífico, inspirador! Muy grato, abraço do Brasil 💚🍃🌻🎶
Rocio Cantarero Rodriguez
me encantaaaa!! la del minuto 10.40... espectacular letra <3
Sophie Astrid Rooth
Rain and hang is my new favourite xxxxx
You're so pretty and soundfull and complete together
Jihyun Park
Nicolas Duek
Anuah me conmovió mucho el penúltimo tema lo oí en una sesión de memoria celular y me hizo llorar , es en hebreo ? O en árabe ? Me dirías algo mas de ese tema que esta en el min 40min moltes gracies !
Elliot Lambert
nathalie robart
beautiful Love