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Mat Zo & Arty - Mozart (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dodano: 2011-12-14

Wyświetleń: 1323130

Czas trwania: 03:39

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Opis materiału Mat Zo & Arty - Mozart (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Mat Zo & Arty's "Mozart" is the latest collaboration from two producers that are rewriting the rulebook in trance and big room house music. 

Mashing up elements of all their beloved sounds into their unique blends, the precocious pair have created another dancefloor bomb in their aptly titled "Mozart" - featured on the recent "Anjunabeats Volume 9" compilation. 

A more house-slanted affair than the riotous, turbo-charged "Rebound", "Mozart" builds and builds through waves of old school piano rolls and new school synth surges before arriving at a climatic breakdown.

Sizzling with energy and peak-time atmosphere, "Mozart" then turns on a clarion call of bright funk-fuelled synths that snap into a body-popping groove before an explosive drop. 

Directed by Ian Gamester, the official music video focuses on a street dance class that is run by a clueless drill sergeant style instructor - one who is unable to get the class performing with any real rhythm. When a cocky kid turns up with nothing more than a ghetto blaster and a tape cassette that has the word "Mozart" scrawled on it, noone is expecting much - but they are soon transfixed by his skills and eventually conducted by his magic powers. Special thanks to Pineapple Performing Arts School. 

Video Director: Ian Gamester
Make Up: Lisa Kennedy & Grace Hinde
Styling: Danielle Whiteman 
Dancers: Pineapple Performing Arts School
Mozart: Cody

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It’s almost 2020 and I’m back from 2012
Lorenzo Condello
Only just heard this song wow what a banger
Jose Carlos Ramírez
Hahaha nice video
Danijel D
Gökhan Tekin
Herkes bilmez .
I just noticed. Does the kid have the Syracuse Basketball S on his right arm?
Danny Donoghue
Christ almighty some bang of that
Fcking Serious
2019 ?????
Michele Boiarscov
Прикольный клип