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Yes - Going for the One (1977) full album

Dodano: 2014-03-18

Wyświetleń: 472006

Czas trwania: 38:41

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Opis materiału Yes - Going for the One (1977) full album

                  "Going for the One" (Jon Anderson) -- 5:32
"Turn of the Century" (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Alan White) -- 7:56
"Parallels" (Chris Squire) -- 5:53
"Wonderous Stories" (Jon Anderson) -- 3:49
"Awaken" (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe) -- 15:31
High Vibration
Gentle Mass Touch
Workings Of Man
Master Of Time
High Vibration(reprise)- Runaway Of Time                


Suzanne Lefort
So many albums, well, it's like going home, must have seen these guys in.concert Buffalo Ny Aud like 6 times!!! Just awesome Music , nothing out there even compares anymore!!! So glad I lived in this era and in no other!! Best concerts, best shows, EVER!!!
I have this album great one❤️🌹
Christmas 1977 a girl I fancied brought this album and said she hated it and wanted to sell it (she was into Fleetwood Mac). I told her I would buy it for $8 to ingratiate myself to her ... I never got the girl but I got this great album!
Joseph Duggan
A great album! I saw them at the Boston Garden in 77 and 78 with their revolving stage
Johnny Coolin
When I studied in Manchester, I would type up my lecture notes, singing Chris's backing to to this album. This was 1995.
Steve Howe once described Going For The One as his best album.
C Dykhuizen
I’m really fond of this album. I wish there was a ‘rockumentary’ about the making of it.
Peter Heffernan
I thank Stephen Cameron for introducing me to Yes in 1972....life changing ever since
I was 12 when this came out. I had gotten into Yes maybe 18 months earlier and had bought Relayer and The Yes album. I also had Olias of Sunhillow and they were absolutely my favourite band although I really didn't know if Yes were even still going or if they had split up since Relayer came out in '74 and that seems like a very long time when you're 12. One day my best friend at school returned from lunch break and said he'd seen a new Yes album in the window of a record shop in the town. He went on to describe the cover as having a photo of a naked man with a bunch of spears sticking out of his back and it was called "Going for one" lol.. naturally I thought he was taking the piss.