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My Jolly Sailor Bold -Full - Lyrics

Dodano: 2013-09-02

Wyświetleń: 3471771

Czas trwania: 04:23

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Opis materiału My Jolly Sailor Bold -Full - Lyrics

                  The lyrics of the complete song of the beautiful mermaids of Pirates of Caribbean :)

Hope you like it, enjoy!! :)

I don't own anything in this video, all right riserved to (C) Disney                


I’m in the navy and when I’m at sea if I’m on watch I love singing this into the night waves 🌊
Kitty Baby
I knew literally all the lyrics to this before ever listening to it and just sang along like it was nothing. Anyone else? No, just me? Alrighty then 😅
De'Aujanae Pollard
A siren
It's me Mario
This song is haunting.
Charlotte Commanda
Who sang this?
caramel popcorn
I'm here after hear to regular nct 127 😂 😂 I don't know it sound almost alike
zelo var sney chor nok lek qie tor lok sev tyr
Val sen cru na vac eak stu vev tro tevy soi cen teno et adjut sla vec vor tu ves creativis
Kim Aiken
Is it just me or is this about William and the girl from Pirates of the Caribbean? Because he was a pirate for some time!!
Unknown person
Lyrics=Look at the video.
Luna Volva Forest Witch