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Freddie Mercury - Too Much Love Will Kill You

Dodano: 2008-12-22

Wyświetleń: 7647709

Czas trwania: 04:23

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Opis materiału Freddie Mercury - Too Much Love Will Kill You

                  Mon hommage a Freddie Mercury un ange parti trop vite 

http://freddie-mercury-my-angel.skyrock.com/ mon blog

et le forum http://madeinmercury.forumactif.net/forum.htm                


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I love Freddie❤️
Dio perché ti sei portato via così presto una voce così ! La volevi tutta per te? Penso sia una delle canzoni più belle mai scritte. Testo bellissimo di Brian May e cantata divinamente da Freddie. MERAVIGLIOSO!
Lyousia Ermakova
...love you Freddie!
Michele Khan
You rock 💥♾
Michele Khan
You really bring me sunshine 🌞
Michele Khan
I wish I met you in real... what a roller coaster ride it must have been 🇹🇹 the girl from Trinidad 🇹🇹
anderson assayag
Umas das melhores canções de todos os tempos , lembro de meus irmãos que partiram dessa vida 😭
Please change the title, this isn't a Freddie Mercury's song. It's a Queen song. And Brian May wrote it.
Valentino Perra
Vic Marrotti
He was the best rock singer ever ! The man was dying and he looked for no pity.How would any of us handle a death sentence and keep it a secret ? God watch over his soul ! Try to enterpit the lyrics ? It brings tears to my eyes