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higurashi no naku koro ni opening full

Dodano: 2008-04-28

Wyświetleń: 7597148

Czas trwania: 04:28

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Opis materiału higurashi no naku koro ni opening full

                  -higurashi no naku koro ni op full                


Jake Beoulve
I haven't even seen this anime, but this song has started playing soooo many times while I let youtube just play whatever anime songs pop up lol... it's so catchy lol. Guess I could check the anime out at this point since I have the song like memorized
SuperJanemba 11
Nii Pa Intensifies
Cesar Alberto Jimenez Gonzalez
80's rythm. I haven't seen this anime.
Vivitsa 13
The worst thing for me is that I have an attraction to Yanderes for some odd reason. Yet I'm scared shitless non the less.
The Introvert Programmer
Rick Carchia
I'll enjoy driving the nails through your fingers if you struggle during it
kuronata huruka
Lmao I became a higurashi fan XD I watched all the episodes of season 1 I'm barley starting season 2 if there season 2
stay away freaks
I remember finding this theme song when I was very little. LOL
Mitchell Staley
9 years ago. This whole series was on YouTube. I was about 11or 12 at the time. Would stay up late on my iPod touch to watch it. Got so into it. Overall it was a depressing story that i think affected me negatively. I try to watch happier anime now. (Jojo’s bizarre adventure)