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Japanese Lesson 24: Nakereba Narimasen

Dodano: 2014-03-14

Wyświetleń: 187303

Czas trwania: 03:55

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Opis materiału Japanese Lesson 24: Nakereba Narimasen

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.


This lesson covers the sentence pattern "nakereba narimasen". With this sentence, you will be able to say "must do something" in Japanese.


Must go
いきます → いかない / to go → to not go
いきます → いかなければなりません / to go → must go
あした  / tomorrow
ぎんこう / bank 
あしたぎんこうにいかなければなりません。 / [I] must go to the bank tomorrow.

Must do
します → しない / to do → to not do
します → しなければたりません / to do → must do
しゅくだい / homework
しゅくだいをしなければなりません。 / [I] must do homework.

Must watch
みます → みない / to watch → to not watch
みます → みなければなりません / to watch → must watch
このえいが / This movie
このえいがをみなければなりません。 / [I] must watch this movie.

Must read
よみます → よまない / to read → to not read
よみます → よまなければなりません / to read → must read
このほん / this book
らいしゅう / next week
らいしゅうでにこのほんをよまなければなりません。 / [I] must read this book by next week.

Must make 
つくります → つくらない / to make → to not make
つくります → つくらなければなりません / to make → must make
ばんごはん / dinner 
ばんごはんをつくらなければなりません。 / [I] must make dinner.

Must deliver
とどけます → とどけない / to deliver → to not deliver
とどけます → とどけなければなりません / to deliver → must deliver
このはな /  these flowers.
このはなをとどけなければなりません。 / [I] must go deliver these flowers.


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There's something reassuring about the fact that she nods after every sentence.
attack attack
This has been uploaded so many years ago and still best sensei around. Where else could I find someone as good?
Chris telle
tongue twister lol
Spicy Boldstar
It is very mouthful. I can do this. 20190719.
Harmon Solante
Omana Raghavan
Please Teacher かえります
It seems like "なければなりません" is a negative, but it's translated as an imperative... so is it actually something like "can't avoid doing", "can't skip", "can't leave un-done"?
Jen Hirata
Comeback sensei☹️☹️😢
Elena Lestini
Best sensei
Phan Nero
Come back sensei! :( pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee