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Joe Satriani - Made of Tears

Dodano: 2007-03-27

Wyświetleń: 608701

Czas trwania: 05:34

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Opis materiału Joe Satriani - Made of Tears

                  Made Of Tears by the guitar professional Joe Satriani from the album Super colossal.  Video shows all 9 planets, our moon and Andromeda Galaxy, the one closest to our Milky Way.                


George Fulmer
Reframe! Youve just discovered music that there's no description for
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Bach, Mozart and Satrianibut not necessarily in that order
Anes Merazi
i want more songs like this one , any recommendations ?
30 idiots with missing ears
Walter Curiñianco
muy bueno!..
Subhadip Banerjee
overwhelming & facinating
Jeffrey Bunse
Paper magic and curiosity, frozen solid and liquid cold, gentle drift to fade in.
Negan Weib
I Love this special Sound , the Musik Run under my skin . He make fire to my blood vene. Earing Orgasm. 🎱☯♣♠🔥💣☠🚬⚰