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How I Survived A Plane Crash | Matt Morris | Goalcast

Dodano: 2019-05-24

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Czas trwania: 05:39

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Opis materiału How I Survived A Plane Crash | Matt Morris | Goalcast

                  Have you ever made a decision that changed your life forever?

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Certified Weenie
So glad you survived ❤️
Hamza Oulad
I've been depressed for like 4 years there was sometimes when I forgot about But it's stills hunt me till this day. Before highschool I experienced the worst year of my life that broke me into small pieces that I thought could never get back together, My 1 year girlfriend cheated on me with my 8 years bestfriend, My 5 bestfriends turned their backs on me, I did a project with some friends an they fucked me up and took my money, my family hated me because I didn't do well at school, I got bullied in school because I had thick glasses. All of these made me so depressed unhappy insecure unconfident scared trapped and protective after one year of this trauma I let a girl into my life, got a date with her (she asked me out) I was finally happy 3 days later she send me 2 words that took the last piece of my soul (It's over) I was like so depressed that every night I would come back home crying, after a lot of crying I started to change myself, I dress well, I take care of myself, I'm more confidence but I feel like this depression still hunt me down. If you've come this far I want to thank you and If you have any advice for me that will help me to overcome my fears and dea with my depression then go on
diana doc
https://tinyurl.com/y3x9tpbs?-I-HAVE-MORE-THAN-ENOUGH-MONEYසාර්ථකත්වය යනු ද්‍රව්‍යමය දේ නොවේ, එය කාලය සහ පවුල වැනි මිල කළ නොහැකි දේ වේ.
Mental Health Healing Man
Thank you for this - it was a dream come true to be on Goalcast in hopes of inspiring other people! It is my life's mission to help people overcome depression and reduce suicide.
SinnerSavedByGraceThruFaith InJesus
Thanks for sharing - very brave!
Habib Hassan
I know it's totally off topic but did the pilots survive?
Fazira Ramlan
I like his father's word. 'You are alone is enough. Your life matters. '
Harsh Dhiman
I m crate full
Rhythm F.
Woman have amazing survival instincts.
Paul Grocott