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ZieZie - Sensei (Official Video)

Dodano: 2018-12-06

Wyświetleń: 3681438

Czas trwania: 03:11

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Opis materiału ZieZie - Sensei (Official Video)

                  ZieZie - Sensei (Official Video) 🇨🇩

Stream: http://smarturl.it/ZieZieSensei

* * *

INSTA: http://instagram.com/official_ziezie_ 
SNAP: joyebamba200
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/official_ziezie

SPOTIFY: http://smarturl.it/zieziesp
APPLE MUSIC: http://smarturl.it/ziezieam

* * *


I’m freaky kinda cocky love the foreplay
Hypnotise your shawty with the skin fade
Gyal already know a n**** been great
Grinding see my work rate
Coming like a sensei

I like my gyal freaky when she step up in the room
African man I got the broom
Push it up on me baby let me see you work work
Bína mama, bína mama, dance girl
Batty jiggle jiggle she a fine girl
Sweet sweet one - that’s my girl
Let me teach you little something make them toes curl
Now she licking off the n**** tryna pipe her

Hypnotising, analyse
See me shining, see me grind
On my way, on my way
Stay on top my kinda way


Coming like a sensei
Meditate when a n**** press play
She tryna go the whole way (zilla)
Let’s take it to the hallway (yanna)
Elle croute quand je parle
Couldn’t take me for no pup I’m puppa dog
Mr lover mr bossy with the buss down
Used to get the bus now we stepping in the buss down

Hypnotising, analyse
See me shining, see me grind
On my way, on my way
Stay on top my kinda way


#ZieZie #Sensei                


Lucky Hassan Mahamod
who for 7 december 2018
Lucky Hassan Mahamod
He’s mad underratedd
Sashh Babyy
wallah i will like this comment 😉
Sashh Babyy
Zie Zie is sooo underrated 🤩more people need to notice this guy trust me he’s talented
Denica Wiltshire
Saw him perform this live was awesome
Tasnim H.
ngl but this reminds me of Naruto-(especially when the girls to 'taijutsu')btw Naruto is 1 of ma favourite anime. Who agrees?
Sensei ZieZie
Ilana Ifefo
The great singer never get enough recognition
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