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Let Go (Music Video) - Hillsong Young & Free

Dodano: 2018-05-25

Wyświetleń: 8049869

Czas trwania: 03:57

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Opis materiału Let Go (Music Video) - Hillsong Young & Free

                  Official music video for Let Go from our new album III.
Stream the whole album right here on YouTube at http://youngandfree.co/III/youtube?IQid=youtube
Listen to III on Spotify at http://youngandfree.co/III/spotify?IQid=youtube
Get the album wherever you listen to music: http://youngandfree.co/III?IQid=youtube

Director / Editor: Ezra Cohen 
Co-Director / DP / Producer: Ian Anthony Reid
Producer: Johnny Rays
Production Company: Distant Moon
Illustrations / Animated Sketches: Jillian Cohen
Gaffer / AC: Kirk Slawek
Grip / BTS Camera: Paul Trimble

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​​Let Go
​​Words and Music by Aodhan King, Ben Tan & Laura Toggs
​​© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7108455

I close my eyes and colours fly
There’s no hiding from Your grace
I can’t deny Your heart for mine
And its unrelenting chase

I was on the edge of deception
Caught up in my own hesitation
Until Your love took over me

So I let go and I let love
Show me life like it’s supposed to be
An oasis here awaits us
All the freedom I’ll ever need
Now I’m alive
When I let go then I find life

The higher way is calling me
To a life unlike before
The Father’s heart is beckoning
And I can’t resist no more

Lead me in the ways of devotion
I don’t want to get caught in the
My heart is only for You Lord                


Juan Pa Moncada
if you are reading this comment that god bless you
Stip Onbass
Playing this song for a Youth service this Wednesday. Praying for a younger generation!
CYC 2019!!i know y'all are here don't even lie.
Angelo Acosta
Oh-La-la in a christian song? jajajaj this is new
Irma Meysy Carhuayano Sanchez
Mister Me's
I can play the drums to this song
Scarlett Voke
In the mosh pit at youth camp everyone goes the craziest for this song and I love it!!! :)
Mia Trotman
I went to Camp Bahamas and I found this song. I also got closer to God and now I listen to this song daily now. Like if you love this song! God bless you all.
Alex Giles
I’d love to see Aodhan make some secular music. Such a talented guy using his gifts for the Lord, but it would be super cool to see him doing both.
Kel Pad
Me And My Classmates Thought He Said " You All Racist " But We Know That He Was Saying" You All Owasis "