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Planet X - Quantum (Full Album)

Dodano: 2017-11-14

Wyświetleń: 76517

Czas trwania: 50:51

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Opis materiału Planet X - Quantum (Full Album)

                  Time Tracks + Download Album Mp3 Link :)
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-Download: https://ouo.io/OVxR5P

-Time Of Songs;

1_Alien Hip-Hop  0:01 - 7:09 
2_Desert Girl: 7:13 - 13:16
3_Matrix Gate: 13:17 - 17:23 
4_The Thinking Stone: 17:28 - 20:00 
5_Space Foam: 21:44 - 26:25 

6_Poland: 26:28 - 30:00 
7_Snuff: 31:53 - 36:47 
8_Kingdom Of Dreams: 39:51 - 43:37
9_Quantum Factor: 43:41 - 50:49                


One of the best albums ever, thanks.
William L.
Is this the one where the guitarist accidently erased everything he laid down on the entire album and had to re-record all of it?
Hoopy Frood
I listened to this album probably three times and "Universe" probably twice before finally giving this another go; despite not quite "liking" it, I just couldn't quit it. I started the album from the beginning like any purist, and quickly I ended up on Desert Girl. Listening to this song for the fourth time, I finally had an epiphany. "EUREKA!!" said I, and forevermore my life has been comprised of both metal and prog.
Egor Nietzsche
Планета Х самая крутая во вселенной.
petrucciator Petrucciator
@49:02 best fusion “breakdown” in all history 😂🙌🙌🙌. That part always gives me chills.
Kpop Lover
Giovanni Albanese
Other albums?
Aylbdr Madison
Personnel:Brett Garsed – guitar, productionAllan Holdsworth – additional guitar solos (tracks 2, 4)Derek Sherinian – keyboard, productionVirgil Donati – drums, orchestration, productionJimmy Johnson – bass (except tracks 5, 9)Rufus Philpot – bass (tracks 5, 9)Matt Flinker – engineeringJamie Black – engineeringSteve Scanlon – mixing (except track 9), masteringSimon Phillips – mixing (track 9)
musica repellente alla figa, ma che capolavoro!
Shawn Lane influence : )