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Bulls vs Blazers 1992 Finals - Game 6 - Bulls win 2nd NBA title

Dodano: 2008-12-23

Wyświetleń: 1027530

Czas trwania: 10:54

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Opis materiału Bulls vs Blazers 1992 Finals - Game 6 - Bulls win 2nd NBA title



is that ainge? so 92 lost, 93 lost. damn..
Гай Фокс
Нба это фантастика!
3:40 Jordan : “nope”
OMG the defense was weak as hell it's like watching 2019 NBA games but with hd tv
Gavyn Knight
I wish I was born before then to whiteness these moments. Now being a bulls fan sucks
Ronnie Bandoma
that is why i love basic moves
Alejandro Dgr
La última dinastia...🏀
Charlie Babbitt33
The recipe was always the same...Let the bulls get away with fouling defense on one end then on the other if u looked at them wrong (esp Jordan) call the fouls and wow can u believe it the bulls are in the lead... what a shock..! Was the same thing game in and game out.. I watched Stern's cheating left and right, then Phil went to the Lakers and it was same song second verse there...I watched teams like Portland, Indiana, and Utah get totally screwed--they never had a shot--Do u really think Stern would have ever really allowed the Pacers in the finals over the bulls....wasnt gonna happen and it didn't... The fact that they came close was a miracle in and of itself....
William Koscielniak
This was the first Bulls game I ever watched as a kid, and what a first game it was!
Those fouls will lay you off for 1 season in today's game.