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Olly Murs - This Song Is About You (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2011-11-21

Wyświetleń: 5167492

Czas trwania: 03:38

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Opis materiału Olly Murs - This Song Is About You (Lyrics)

                  Olly Murs with This Song Is About You with lyrics! Enjoy! :)                


Ernie Buck
This song is about both involved. It takes two to love and the same two to misunderstand any and all slights for it all to collapse. Love ain't easy.
a 14
Zeg dan wel voor wie ,voor mij kan niet?
Dev Sha
How shall i broke you.....?
N. L.C.
I love this song!!! Are perfect for your so special persons in your life!! Family and friend's....
Janet Hoong
If you think about me hurt you and I’m playing game! I’m feeling upset!all is my fault! Sorry 😐
Jacob Garrathy
Love this song x
It was my mom that was there when I shut myself out from the world for months. It was my mom that cheered me up when I was sad/down. It was my mom that could/would turn my frown upside down. It was my mom that stayed.She was there. Shes the one that cared. Shes the one that loved me. But my dad...He doesnt even exist to me anymore.
Tyson Tindall
I broke up with my ex fiance, who is pregnant as she was abusing me and having goes at me over tiny things.. the day after we broke up we had a huge argument she got verbally and physically abusive... She is now saying that my unborn child I will have no rights no visitation... I've never been so heartbroken in my life... Thanks for a beautiful meaningful song... Because I wanted to go back to her the day after I broke it off but now I don't... On ya Olly...
Lexa Alexa._.
I found it 8 years later
Jasmine Bedworth
2019 anyone ???