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YelaWolf "Mountain Dew Mouth" Freestyle | TM3 Drops on 3.29.19

Dodano: 2019-03-02

Wyświetleń: 6629824

Czas trwania: 03:46

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Opis materiału YelaWolf "Mountain Dew Mouth" Freestyle | TM3 Drops on 3.29.19


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Tommy Craven
yelawolf lmao come to da mtn state u be yellowback send u n ur homies home tails tucked i mean look at ya lika halfbreed jesco white on crack lmao look lil man if ya cant do no btr prob best u stay on ta porch wit ur pups n wrk on ya tan hell i seen ur videos n brought tears ta my eyes i laughed so hard i got 3 kids all girls 12-8-3 let me know when ya grow a set n wana come play in the mountains ill send my 3 kids so ull atleast have sum bodyguards lmao
Nicholas Hansen
Catfish billy here
Mastodon84 -
Much love from the mountain state 🤘
kai stevenson
glad i android
kai stevenson
cos of songs played evry wer
kai stevenson
listened 2 his freestylin for 7 yrs and told no1lol
Christopher Buiten
The freestyles are literally better than the album
David Murray
keep. it really really lyrical. gangsta. d. mudra haha said so.for life.
David Murray
that's straight ass shot. perfect.
Bry Martell
Dope AF Soon as I get back to bama ima tell my mamma y’all heckled me