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Pieces - Red - Lyrics

Dodano: 2009-01-18

Wyświetleń: 28736707

Czas trwania: 06:05

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                  Pieces by Red with Lyrics                


Melanie Jensen
for my son..You will always be in my heart
Luján L.
A Joker fanfiction brought me here lol
Emma Holmes
I love this song, it has several meanings for me. Such an emotive and relatable lyrics
Thumbs up if Smallville brought you here
The Green Thunder
Thumbs up if you served with NET Ministries and are here to reminisce
zach P
Family is on the brink of collapse all at my hands. I've torn this family completely from the foundation and I want So bad to fix it but I can't do it alone.
Chloe Shultz
I've loved this song for years, but I still hate how every time I hear it, I end up crying my eyes out.
Angelinne Vasconcelos
my first expression of this song wasn't religiousthis is a song that reminds me of the girl I love mostshe was there when I was ready to give up my lifeshe helped me up and became my girlfriendthe 5 months I have loved here feels like years of happinesseven though she broke up with me because of other peoplewe still love each other no matter whatand I guess my point is that I'm hersthis song is in my playlist of songs reminding me of hershe means the whole world to meI would give up everything to see her in our long-distance relationshipand a quick reminderI'm a girl too and I love the same genderim bi and i hope even though this song is about god now that I realizeI also need to be respected because its a beautiful song to listen toeven if people believe this is a sin
love urself
Just close ur eyes and she will close hers........don't b shy she says as the acting portrays her beautiful body his so firm and youthful.........she runs to him he picks her up and they embrace each other......they cry to think what r the odds that they would b together after the enemy and jealousy.......they hold on tightly 2019
Jamison Smith
Symmetry is times connection with everything in this trivial world