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Pieces - Red - Lyrics

Dodano: 2009-01-18

Wyświetleń: 28258399

Czas trwania: 06:05

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                  Pieces by Red with Lyrics                


this song (even after 2 years after i found RED) makes my life so much BETTER, THANK YOU RED!!!
And I'm here again after a while. It just seems like it was yesterday but not, it's gone. Here's a story of my biggest loss in my life. About 4 months ago I met someone. I needed some people out of my country to find information about some countries which I couldn't found on the internet to a school presentation, but I didn't know how to make it, I asked my sister and she recommended me some facebook groups which I joined and started adding posts that could help me. I met some people out of my country that helped me a lot. In the group of people there was a girl. I've made the presentation and thanked to everyone that helped me, but she kept talking with me. We got used to each other and we were really close. We were talking literally about everything. And the day 27th May I asked her to marry me even we both knew there might be many problems to us in the future because we were other ralgions, other races and cultures and many people could have been mad at us (including our parents) and I knew I shouldn't have done this again because I just hate feel like now I'm being alone and I can never trust anyone. And I just can't stand this I failed someone and I failed myself again, but I felt like she was the same and told me the same about her that she is afraid, but she wants to be with me. But returning to the story she said yes and it was the best day in my life. I was thinking only about her, everything I was doing (I found a job, I was taking care about myself, even I started liking myself) all of that was for her, I was sharing everything with her, we were planning our future, she was even talking about us with her friends and probably a little with her family and that was really good for me. It used to be like 3 months and after that she was almost ignoring me. She had her own problems with her family and I couldn't help her, but the worst thing was I felt like she didn't trust me anymore. Maybe that was because of me. Trying to meet with her as soon as possible I put too much attention to the job and to myself and maybe she felt like I didn't care. But I was doing all that for her. She was helping me. I think many people know that if you have a goal in your life everyting you do is better and you do it faster and with bigger pleasure, but if it's quite bad you can handle it because you know you need to survive this to make real your goal and after you do you will be happiest in the world. I thought she met someone of her country I asked her if it's true but she denied. Everytime I was asking about it she was feeling worse and worse, and that was the first time I found this song. Quite soon after it got better for us, but again there was something bad. I was keeping asking her many times if she has someone. She told me she doesn't and asked me not to say it again. I knew it was getting worse and worse for us. I only wanted her to be happy even if it cost myself being unhappy because her happiness is the most importand in the world. Some days after she was replying to me only with "okay" "nice" and "I'm sorry I don't know". Even if I asked if she still loves me she was replying "I'm not sure about my feelings". I asked if something bad happened to her. She said yes but she didn't want to tell me. I felt like she doesn't trust me anymore and I was mad at myself because I didn't know the reason why. It was getting worse and worse for us. We were almost blaming ourselves. And when we were harrasing each other I asked her to remove her from her freindlist and block me because I didn't want us to end like that and I knew it's already over for us. I lost the person I loved and trusted the most, even more than myself and though I never met her in real life. This song always brings back all my tears and bad thoughts. I probably should have never been existing, but there was someone that it's not true and now I think however it is. I decided not to let anyone be close to me anymore and reject all emotions and feelings. This world is not for me so I need to ignore all the people and never trust anyone. Bella ciao
Brendan May
Listening to this with gun in hand, I'm tired of ruining lives I cross paths with. I've made my amends and I cant do it anymore.
Hei UwU
Anyone chords?
August 2019... Anyone?
Aguero Agnis
This reminds me that there's still hope. Even if it hurts, even if we're beaten and broken, Someone could still pick us up and love every "unbearable" part of us
You'll never find this comment but hear me out.What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.Keep fighting.Eventually, it will be worth it knowing the fact you never gave up.
Arron P.
This songs amazing the I tried so hard part he sings 3 times just blows this amazing song up
Vanessa moonlight star Willamson
This song makes me sad
Amazing I learning on piano today thank you