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I Prevail - "Lifelines" Lyrics

Dodano: 2017-03-25

Wyświetleń: 1690926

Czas trwania: 03:37

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Opis materiału I Prevail - "Lifelines" Lyrics

                  I Prevail and Fearless Records own all the rights to the song.

Download from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/IPlifelines
Official video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPEvojZ_MzI

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I need Healing
The best parts (the screaming)1:181:302:152:34
David Minzes
I listened to this song for months and now it clicks with me, now I relate, after reading the lyrics I realize that they are all the words I've always wanted to say, to get out there but can't, and it gave me the chills, like holy crap
I compare this song to an addict talking to God.
Lyubomir Petkov
i turn this on when i do pushups (i can only do 30 tho :D)
Black Reaper
Fucking crazy these talented guys are from where I am. Go Michigan 💪
Jordan Rudd
Screamer looks like Q from impractical jokers 😄
michael murillo
Bucks vs lucha bros.
David Hadley
The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers All Out video hype brought me here.
Jason Varhol
This is my favorite song ❤️ I literally listen to all of your band I love all of the songs 😍 #ILOVEIPERVAIL
HayTaHoBo 356
who is better....Like:I prevailComment:Papa Roach