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Sweet November Song

Dodano: 2010-09-12

Wyświetleń: 312443

Czas trwania: 03:40

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Opis materiału Sweet November Song

                  I bought both the Warner Brothers and Warner Music movie dvd & music cd in late 2008.

Though W/B & W/M would like to remove this video & back ground music, it would be ashamed to do so...

For all of us Amanda Ghost fans and her beautiful music,  lets remember her spirit....

This ending song at the movies end, is very profound.


After 11 years, my Mom discovered her cancer was renewed in the same place.

Her doctors from Florida stated after a woman has totally completed the removal of the cancer with surgery  (back in 1998/1999), the cancer would NOT come back....

In early 2010, my Mom was informed her cancer was back at the same place...  

Usually after 5/6 years after a major cancer treatment, my Mom's type of cancer  would not progress, like 90% of other cancer patients.  

My Mom has beaten this cancer before and I know with her lives struggle, she will do it once again.



Andrea Roberto
Film molto dolce...lo consiglio 😢❤🌷
Malak El
which song is this exactly ?
Michael Shane
My all time favorite Movie. I love San Francisco, this awesome city will always be a part of me. This movie relates to the love of my life she to ran away and wasnt even sick. :(
Chad Hurley
This is the second post, sorry. But I remember seeing this movie years ago and now at the end I have to ask myself at the end did she simply run away or jump over the bridge?
Chad Hurley
I really liked this movie, Keanu always makes the movie.And in this one Charlize equaled. I always have my Taylor on my chest watching these movies playing along with the score. This song called cellophane is very easy to play. Four chords D, F (barred is best), C, barred G. Then start over. S
Dobrý den, díky za otázku. Tato píseň je na konci filmu Sweet November "z roku 2001.
i had a freaky dream last night. i dreamed i had cancer. how do people manage to breath when they learn they are seriously sick?
Rana Mi
I freaking hated the ending of this movie :( i mean she loved him ! why didn't she accept his proposal :@ i was freaking mad when she refused !! i mean come on !! he's fucking hottttt!! I wish i was in her place :P
Viorel Bosneac
GOD How much I cried at this movie:)T_T
David Fox
@Seiketsuuu Yeah it is, now that I think about it