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Suzi Quatro - Roxy Roller

Dodano: 2007-05-16

Wyświetleń: 694339

Czas trwania: 02:17

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Opis materiału Suzi Quatro - Roxy Roller

                  Cute Little Suzi in '77                


Pop Fiction
check out the guy playing chords on the mono-phonic Moog synthesizer!
Angus MacSkye
Wonderful song and great version by Suzi and band!
Someone Anybody
fuck you all this sounds great. if your a true suzi faan never dislike her shit
electron being
Shitty cover of a great song by a great artist. Literally had to mute it. Ew.
Sam Bradley
Rock on Suzi Q!
Sam Bradley
Totally love Susie!
Sam Bradley
She's adorable in this video, she looks like a teenager.
Sam Bradley
I love this song, part of it sounds a little like "I'm a Man" by The Spencer Davis Group.
Sam Bradley
She's so versatile. She can sing anything & make it her own.
Sam Bradley
God bless The Queen, Suzi Kay Quatro.