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GLEE - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Full Performance) HD

Dodano: 2016-10-16

Wyświetleń: 1865716

Czas trwania: 04:09

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Opis materiału GLEE - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Full Performance) HD

                  GLEE - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Full Performance) HD
Season 3, Episode 21 - "Nationals"
ALL RIGHTS TO FOX                


10 FUCKING YEARS. I miss this so bad.
isil -
How come Finn wasn't accepted any musical schools like Rachel, Kurt, or at least like Santana and Quinn? Looking at this performance he did an amazing job, but in season 4 he was aimless and completely lost. I felt really sorry for him, he was talented.
This song is the most epic Glee ever was
Matthew Williams
Cory did Meatloaf justice with this cover. He doesn’t have Meatloaf’s sheer vocal power (who does?) but he sang it beautifully.
Meatloaf is one of the best ever.
Natalia Sullivan
This was awesome performance. But just saying did anyone else notice carman dibido’s face at the end?No just me... ok...
Donovan Mitchell
Finn was the best In this performance he sang all the time and was sweating he did a good job
finns voice is so great for this song, but kurts voice sounds so bad in it
Mariela Vázquez
Jazmine Lambert
0:44 so freaking cute Klaine should have had more screen timeI disagree with the people saying that 90% of glee was KlaineIt was mostly just finchel!