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Nightcore - How Do You Love Someone

Dodano: 2014-01-31

Wyświetleń: 25832309

Czas trwania: 03:07

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Opis materiału Nightcore - How Do You Love Someone

                  [Requested by Jordan McGuire]
Music: How Do You Love Someone - Ashley Tisdale
Lyrics in video, enjoy :)
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Pic Origin: Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku                


loleater 23
Love isnt real :/
Azra Adanc
I need to cry but i want to now what this anime's name is can someone tell me pls
Oreo Cookie
The intro.Totally my situation (well except most of it is dad not mom)
Jeff Walley
I love this song its so sad tho😢😄
-Lulu Sence-
I always asked that question..How do you love someone without getting hurt??
Grass Pony
“How do u love some one?” Well when u love remember u will always get hurt 😔, but YOU STAND UP. And keep going, live life to the fullest :)
Martin Iden
I can love without getting hurt. Its because I dont care if they love me in return.
Martin Iden
My daughter: I hate you, dad! Me: No-o-o. You love me! My daughter: I hate you, I hate you really bad! Me: Nah, stupid girl. You love me! My daughter: I! HATE! YOU! Me: There, there. You lo-o-ove me. I know. My daughter (heavy breathing): Well... Children always love their parents, right? Even when they are SO TERRIBLE!Me: The beauty and THE BEASTSMy daughter: OMG! LOL!
Martin Iden
For all depressed people here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0slhWiBVr4Just watch this and live happily ever after. Please.
moriko aya
The molestation the abuse the rapes .The beatings .This is the best it gets.Everyone I trust breaks me inside more .Is there anywhere safe left in the world ?Why does those that are supposed to protect me hurt me ,break me ,molest me and rape me and call it love .