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T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

Dodano: 2012-11-29

Wyświetleń: 68290687

Czas trwania: 04:57

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Opis materiału T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

                  T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

From the album "Paper Trail" available now! 
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Gio Fittipaldi
Whos watching 2019? Best fuckin song💯
Bibash Nepal
funny how he ended up in jail again and again
Clarence Carter
This song should have got way more views by now
Undstanding something is basic... We just link stuff and change are basics.... Kids think when they hear music without the judgement of self-reflection of are life but knowing it still sometimes for parts more clear and cut... We mix in all n reflect best to just switched down a lv and say it as you go not thinking... Or over think shit just listen till its over n then go do ya next thing without over thinkinh and changing things too something there not and never seeing the World and Universe and all these lost minds for what they are including eventually your own after years of breaking down everything and re teaching your self the very core an aspects of life as you learn everything again... As what everyone kinda does in ways and different points less and more as we live a life. Goodluck and smart dont be retard... Dont let hate kill you slowly or peoples or your own dumbness,, never thinking just being annoyed when jumping to conclusions or thinking n being mad about a subject that wasnt even effecting or needed seeing too.. stop your mind thinking n re thinking things that arnt main Goal for that moment... Work something out once move on and dont stop... Like in any context start using your mind slowly do stuff notice n learn n dont be Afraid of happy ness its a feeling in the era youths are afraid and instinctively reacting incorrectly too never act in react with mad incorrect fact just sit bak 1st chill till happy for more than crappy then plan n bam your own way,, just dont think bak and stay living each Day by Day, With Love Life and Family ¬<3™
Iron Gauntlet
Justin Timberlake definitely has my respect!
m verd
I love TI and Iove this song
Damian Orozco
Who here in 2019 and still listening to this song
sanath n
Who is here 10 years later actually feeling the lyrics now?
Christian Wyche
Kids these days don't care there disrespectful towards you have 8-9-10 year old kids walking around like there 29 going on 30
New Orleans Retarded
Watch Comedian Dennis Clark Jr next on YouTube then share with your social media friends