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Waverly & Nicole | Light Me Up (2x12)

Dodano: 2017-08-26

Wyświetleń: 66743

Czas trwania: 03:26

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Opis materiału Waverly & Nicole | Light Me Up (2x12)

                  PLEASE WATCH IN 720p HD // "...well you're not what I was looking for, but your arms were open at my door, and you taught me what a life is for, to see that ordinary isn't..."

I can't believe that this season of Wynonna Earp is over. I also cannot believe that we have to wait until June 2018 for any more of this beautiful show. I can't wait that long. Dammit. 

The amount that Waverly and Nicole have grown this season, both as individuals and as a couple, makes me so happy and so proud. Their love has developed and grown and it's so visible.

You can see how much their love has grown within every single touch, look, kiss, everything. Their conversations, the reassurances, the love within themselves and between the two of them is one of the most beautiful things about this show.

We got three kisses in this episode and it made me so happy. The fact that Nicole doesn't care who Waverly is or where she comes from, she only cares that she is here, with her and that she is happy. The way that she reassured Waverly that regardless of where she came from, she is extraordinary, is so beautiful. 

I love them so much. Way more than I should. This season has been absolutely incredible, as a whole and for Wayhaught, and I can't wait to see where season three takes them. 

Consider me pumped and counting down the days until Wynonna Earp season three starts and until my beautiful babies aka Wynonna, Waverly and Nicole come back to me. It's too long. This is evil.

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➸ Show - Wynonna Earp
➸ Pairing -  Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught (Wayhaught)
➸ Colouring - Mine
➸ Program - Sony Vegas Pro 13
➸ Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsF86vz-xD4

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Sherry E
Beautifully done. This is good for the soul
i don't know how they do it. it looks like they're really in love
Marlene Mojica
Fueron espetaculares fueron buena en eso y muchomas fueron extra ordinarias
Laura Flórez
This is perfectly beautiful!! A complete tribute to their love and what it represents! Thank you!
eleni papageorgiou
Keep up the good work....we love them and miss them tooo.....but dont worry we the followers of them and of what they give us.... i promise ....earpers forever....wayhaught forever.....keep up...
shygirl vee
Great edit!! and the song goes great with with it
Sophie Bee
I actually watch this video at least once a day I'm not even ashamed
How did u find all these videos and edit it
I love their transition. Their character development is just perfect. Not forced, just natural. WayHaught forever.
wow, i watch it over and over again ;)