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BABY DRIVER - 6-Minute Opening Clip

Dodano: 2017-07-13

Wyświetleń: 32637669

Czas trwania: 05:57

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Opis materiału BABY DRIVER - 6-Minute Opening Clip

                  Check out this cool 6 -minute clip from #BabyDriverMovie in cinemas August 2.                


AMIN Azımov
Как музыка называется??? Подскажите плиз
when i finally get to steer the warthog in halo
MyNameIs BOB
When i drink wodka :)
انا. معرفش مين لي شاف الكومنت هذا . بس روح يا ربي يحققلك حلمك . يا لي تعمل لايك و إشتراك ❤❤❤
Kostas Spanakis
He should play in next fast and the furious
Lima Enam
Red Subaru Impreza?Yeah, definitely a wrong choice of colour because red easily being spot by police either speeding or blend in traffic if in reality because red cars can appear but mostly traffic would be dark colour or something that most people usedHe should pick some natural colour of traffic especially black
Man I love Baby as a character, so much potential. The combination of a highly competent worker with genuine not giving a fuck goofy behaviour is honestly so endearing. They hear his nickname, see his 13 year old boy face and no one takes him seriously until he does his part and then they understand why he's here. And he knows that. Very interestingI just wish the writing had gone further with him.
4F Productions
They should be playing InitialD honestly... XD
Anon 37294729
And that’s all we got to see of that beautiful machine
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
underrated film