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Lento Linedance( Ira Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijn) Demo &Teach

Dodano: 2019-01-03

Wyświetleń: 8264

Czas trwania: 03:55

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Opis materiału Lento Linedance( Ira Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijn) Demo &Teach

                  Count: 32      Wall: 2      Level: Beginner / Improver
Choreographer: Ira Weisburd (USA) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NORWAY) - December 2018
Music: Lento by Rudy Mancuso (USA)
월, 수, 금 2:00-2:50 방배역 방배현대스포츠클럽 초급반 
수, 금 12:00-1:00강남역 서일스포츠센터 초급반
목 오후 2:00-3:30 단대오거리역 성남제일새마을금고 본점. 초급반
월, 목 11:00-1:00 대모산입구역 강남장애인복지관 중고급반 

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Hansrajbhai Tanti
So many congratulations to all of you for this so wonderful and highly energetic and unbelievable and unbeatable so much very nice and so amazing and extraordinary, Sports Category Line dance performance by JBC Linedance (Linedance Queen (Young - An Kang) on Lento (Rudy Mancuso (USA) song and graceful Dynamic Line dance choreography by Ira Weisburd (USA) & Raymond Sarlemijn (Norway) and nice Linedance creativity and super workout and nice dance expression and highly impressive thrillings and nice body moves and walk and steps and so amazing body language in this Beginner/ Improver Level Line dance Demo and nice Linedance Teach & Count by Young - An Kang and nice song and music and beautiful video and the almighty God bless to all of you for your bright future with my all good wishes.
barry woolner
another lovely lady from the line dance queen class, very nice dancing from these ladys, what a nice song, love the smiles, thanks a million.
Santiago on youtube
Very good line.
Young - Chang Song
A happy new year that makes your hopes and dream come true. Happy New Year!
Sarah Kaulla
Happy new year ♡.♡Many new choreos. Many students. And the most important : my best wishes of health.
Rico V.
. . . and more new people, and they look very nice ♥ ♫♫♫
Ira Weisburd
Thank you JBC Linedance, Young-An Kang for this beautiful Demo and Walk-Thru of LENTO.