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Jade Chynoweth | Lean On - Major Lazer | Choreo by Herself

Dodano: 2017-12-10

Wyświetleń: 41494

Czas trwania: 45 sek

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Opis materiału Jade Chynoweth | Lean On - Major Lazer | Choreo by Herself

                  Choreo: Jade Chynoweth
Dancers: @jadebug98  @samholmbbberg and @imankarram 
Filmed by: @zevfrankyork 
Song: "Lean on" @majorlazer
Outfit: @pumawomen


Official Channel YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/untilitsnotfun

Facebook: Jade Chynoweth

Twitter: @JadeChynoweth

IG: @jadebug98

Jade Jacqueline Chynoweth born in 21th August of 1998, 19 years old, leo sign. She is a fenomenal and famous dancer actually. You can see her as Odalie in new serie of YouTube red called Step Up: High Water, in movie 300 (2), The Last Ship and many videos of dance on JoJo Gomez, Willdabeast, Janelle Ginestra, Tim Milgran, Nicole Kirkland...channel and herself yt. It's impossible not addicted when you watch her for the first time, is pure n instantly love.                


Rani Baruah
Please Jade come to India😞😞😞😞
los žaludos
MMA jade
Jade your amazing great video
Elizabeth Emily
Jade you make me feel dizzy with your dashing beauty and talent
Hasnain Ahmad
0:28 that synchronization though!!!!!!!
Ashley Christer
Good team.
Hanni Dilpola
Girl PoWer!
Romina Vallejos
que fantastica que sos jade
A Gurl
Amazing choreo!
Sheep Dog
I love y'all energy.