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Youth-Daughter (lyrics)

Dodano: 2012-04-13

Wyświetleń: 8742096

Czas trwania: 04:05

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Mipha :3
I went to a dance show called voices (it was in germany) and they danced to this song and now I love it ( sorry my english isn't the best )
smile. Jpg 3rr0r . Err
I came here because of Snowfur (From Warrior Cats).
caligulas Aquarium
Since a bunch of people are sharing stuff I may as well too.. In 6th grade, I used to fight with this person who we'll call Red. Red was friends with a girl I had fought before due to slight anger issues. Eventually I got to know Red better, and found myself liking them. From just a little crush my feelings blossomed into a deep love with Red. Red loved me too, I think. Eventually Red claimed to be trans, and said they liked guys. I wanted his love so much, I was willing to fake being male and said I was trans too. My family was being extra abusive to me at the time, and Red had been talking to this other person who I believe he liked. Red also was flirting with other people, and began to be abusive to me. I snapped at Red, and beat him up. Then Red told his family, claiming he had done nothing wrong and it was all my fault. No charges were pressed or anything though, thankfully. I regretted hurting him so much, and was seriously depressed about it for over a year. (From 7th grade to late 8th) During that time I had caught some people's interest and only if they reminded me of Red I would date them. Then Red came back into my life, saying he was sorry. Me, happy to have him back eagerly agreed to be friends. Red was dating someone else who we'll call Blue and kept being distant from me. Eventually Blue told me to back off because I had supposedly been flirting with Red. I explained to Blue that it wasn't true and was just trying to be friendly. The. Red stopped talking to me, claiming Blue said he was not allowed to. Blue and I got along well, and Blue dumped Red. Blue then dated me, asking for all kinds of pictures and to do things. After about a month or so, Red had convinced Blue to get back with him. Red then told me to back off, because "we're soulmates, asshole". So I was really depressed again because of Red. In my 9th grade year, Red comes back because Blue dumped him again, tired of his shit. Red was all friendly to me, and yet again stupidly I invited him wearily. Yet again, I fell in love with Red. Red said he liked me too again but despite us having sex and doing couple stuff he never took the title of my boyfriend. Red then took me away from my friends, and I sacrificed them for him. Sometimes I would get jealous that he would be talking to other people who liked him, and I would ask him about it but he would get defensive and angry. He also began to enforce an E.D. on me (that I still am fighting with) and I started to pull away from him, and he didn't do anything. I started talking to this guy, who ended up being a damn pedo. When I started going back to Red to see if he missed me, he has some chick call me and say, "Red has something to say to you." Red told me I was the one being negative (which was a bullshit lie, if anything he was negative making the suicide jokes and all). I'm still bit depressed because of Red all over again.
Megan Jane Cummongs
I miss her 😭
Addisyn Parrisher
This song actually stops me from killing myself
Trixie Exe
he left because of my friend. great. wtf do i do now.
sUn FlOwEr
the Ask Hazel MAP? anyone?no?...............k-
Tammy Lasswell
I listened to this after my Grandpa died,I cried through like the whole day.I was heart broken and my chest washurting so much i could not even talk right..i'm sorry to all who had to go through pain of loosing someone thatyou love with all of your heart, Remember if you feel left out, Stand up for yourself and don'tshut yourself down, You will always be loved no matter what.