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Elvis Presley JailHouse Rock Lyrics

Dodano: 2010-07-25

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Czas trwania: 02:38

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Elvis Presley JailHouse Rock  Lyrics

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Waleed Khalid
Watch my little boy & I smash the legendary Elvis hit :)https://youtu.be/97kIRms9ru4Enjoy it. Waiting for your feedback.
Kay Marie
Who still listens in 2020
Angel Vega
I’m 16 in 2020 and I love Elvis and his music
Shalonda West
I'm 11 years old, and this type of music is all Iisten too💝
lol I like to tape dance to this lol
Linda Hannaway
Kendalyn Watson
i'm doing a play at my school from evlis presely
ALL Might
2020 anyone
Rizzel X Ryan
Who here in 2020
grace heath
me amd my dad are obbsed with elvis we love him