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Michelle Gurevich - Lovers are Strangers

Dodano: 2009-02-23

Wyświetleń: 1677709

Czas trwania: 05:12

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Opis materiału Michelle Gurevich - Lovers are Strangers

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наталья иванова
Слушаю ,слушаю... не могу наслушаться !Шикарный голос, исполнение. шарм , загадка,душевность с чертовщинкой..Мишель, браво!!!
All those people at the banquette - they are so ex-Soviet, it hurts :)
koly lohov
А ведь когда-то были молодыми! эх! жизнь! жизнь! как ты быстро уходишь!
Nazlıcan Doğan
Hüzünlü ama o kabullenmişliğin verdiği güzellik de var. Çok çok güzel
Вадим Сергеев
Все наши в Лучшем виде,какие мы есть и Уважение к Старшим
Gerry King
This is fabulous.
Helin Alagöz
Kadınımsın Michelle ! ❤️
Can’t help but watch the door...
Crazy relatable.I used to be the lover and he was full of doubts. We didn’t make. It took him 4 years to realize I’m not the one. It took me 4 years to burn down the last feelings of his. And mine.Whenever I will hear this song - it will remind me of that special relationship We had. And how brutally we murdered itLiterally, every word of this song is so so accurate.
TemelCan Bayraktar
is legen wait for it... daryy