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DMX - Lord give me a sign

Dodano: 2011-07-14

Wyświetleń: 4179730

Czas trwania: 03:42

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Opis materiału DMX - Lord give me a sign

                  Thank you very much for the views! Jesus is LORD for ever! AMEN                


Luke Morrison
I aint addicted to shit mutherfucker! Im luke morrison i carry tha fuck out of you come bitch ,work .respect? The fuck far does respect get? One mile past you,do you,what i do .come on .dont need a thing
funeral home
777 thank u Jesus 💯💯💯
John Gaia
Regina Gordon
Carlos Garza
Im sarry lord
doughurkaosnaup 206WA
Oksana Ana
Bless me, Father. I love uou, Jesus.
Louise Means
Praise the Lord. Dmx stay strong. Read the Bible God will direct your path. I pray for you . Jesus and God love you. I would love to see you rapping for the Lord. I love it. God bless . Weezy
tashawna aubrey
Don'tWorry!!!!!!!,Don't Worry!!!!!,keep your mind on the Heavenly Father at all times, don't about what theses Naysayers are saying,it matters what God says about y my Blessed brother,y are truly a blessing blessing from God Always, Always 👀 👈🙏 🙏👏 👏 listen to what God is telling y my bless brother,I no y can do this with God in your corner Always 👀 👈🙏 🙏👏 👏 Amen and Allah's,God is love Always 👀 👈🙏 🙏👏 👏,ad God cares,ad love y very much,love y my bless brother,ad do what bless y to be,ad stay strong and focus in God ok, your sisters.T with that bless love Always 👀 👈🙏 🙏👏 👏😆😜😁
Shady Dents
Your words are recommended over most insane beats according to the book of X DenTzzz. Shhhh