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Inochi No Kioku - Nikaido Kazumi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya OST)

Dodano: 2014-12-25

Wyświetleń: 864413

Czas trwania: 05:43

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Opis materiału Inochi No Kioku - Nikaido Kazumi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya OST)

                  いのちの記憶 - Kaguya Hime no Monogatari OST 
Inochi No Kioku by Nikaido Kazumi
You can watch the TV version of this song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvzz5-PkorE
What a beautiful voice! Enjoy :))))))))))

Note: I added Japanese, Thai and English subtitles (Vietnamese subtitle is coming)                


Leoda Josh
the ending scene music made me bawl my eyes out
The Destiny
Love it in x0,75
andrei iacob
i just fiinised watchig this gem and i am searching for 2 songs from all the soundtrak.This is not onw of them but its nice anyway .Beautifull movie indeed,a little piece of thinking material for us humans ,for us destructive stupid humans ,who take away others happines....... man this world is beautiful in a way but its so seriously dirty and disgusting at the same time ...... horlible and disgusting world we live in ,thanks to the hearts of all of us ......
Mama, it's me again... RIP Mama, I miss you so, so, very, very much. I will meet you soon when my life comes to a natural finale, when I can whisper my last Loving Wishes for the world. My heart is no longer on this earth, no longer part of this world, the universe has taken my Heart away, with you, you carry my heart in your arms, as you've always cared for my Life, Mama. I miss you with all my Life, so now My Heart is with you till the day my fragile life shall end. I will be able to Rest In Peace within your eternal embrace. Your arms, the only place I wish to dwell. My deepest fears and sorrows dwell deep within the core of this earth, my tears constantly water the forests on it's surface, while my eyes, gaze up, far away from this place. Towards you, I see the twinkling of a trillion stars, that make up the image of you, looking back at me. Somewhere, somehow, some time, I don't know when, nor how, I just feel the Present Moment, a gift - you still gift to me every day I wake up, a new, to meet the great Oceans of timelessness and simply, quietly, watch through my melancholy gaze. Hovering, weightless and empty, I surrender to your immensely profound legacy, flowing through my veins like a powerful river carving through time and space. Dissolving all things, renewing all things, reminding me there is Nothing. There is only......... My loss.
John Jovel Obelidor
Japanese know how to reach the deepest of our heart.
Thuc Nguyen
I never know the sound of a stab to the heart can be this beautiful
Adrian H. Aguilera
Ghibli > Disney
GS4 Trap
Tale of the princess kaguya is my fav ghibli movie (2013) was the shit.6 years went fast so fast
Louise Marie Nuñeza
Still makes me cry
Eh, I'm Gloomy
Does anybody know where I could watch this movie?