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Inochi No Kioku - Nikaido Kazumi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya OST)

Dodano: 2014-12-25

Wyświetleń: 735335

Czas trwania: 05:43

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Opis materiału Inochi No Kioku - Nikaido Kazumi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya OST)

                  いのちの記憶 - Kaguya Hime no Monogatari OST 
Inochi No Kioku by Nikaido Kazumi
You can watch the TV version of this song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvzz5-PkorE
What a beautiful voice! Enjoy :))))))))))

Note: I added Japanese, Thai and English subtitles (Vietnamese subtitle is coming)                


It's been 3 years and I still cry every time I hear this song. This is so powerful...
Happy New Year!!
I just watched the clip where Nikaido Kazumi sing this in Isao Takahata's funeralShe couldn't even hold back tears it was so heartbreaking
Stella Williams
Unique movie and song. I wish their was a 2nd part and I wish I could find more artistic movies like The Tale of Princess Kaguya and Spirited Away.
calliana cabrera
eu gosto muito dessa princesa e a minha preferida e de voceis tamben e
kagome y inuyasha
Bom de mais😢
Yuki Harisaki
(-ω-、) Deep insideKimochi o omoi...~
miiia clarke
my heart hearts
Nicolas meza retamal
Saw it again after 4 years. Destroyed me again. Thanks Isao
Literally just finished watching the movie, now I'm all messed up. Poor2 Kaguya our lil' bamboo. Takahata you amazing guy you, rest in peace.