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Joe Satriani - Psycho Monkey

Dodano: 2011-02-17

Wyświetleń: 52170

Czas trwania: 04:36

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Opis materiału Joe Satriani - Psycho Monkey

                  Beautiful song from satriani's crystal planet album                


I saw him play this at the House of Blues in Chicago in about 2004.  I heard the intro, started jumping up and down, and messed up my knee.
Dylan Nims
He is bald
Pancake Overload
The drums............................. they rock my head
kevin brooks
underrated guitarist,gimme a break, he is one of if not the most well known guitar players !
Tiswanto Van Wawan
viva maestro LEAD and RYTHM GUITAR ... go go Joe
Layla LinQuinto
Go Joe !!!!!!!!
Surely, every tones of satch is 1000 years older than music nowadays..
gary bowen
exactly my thought, this guy is the groove meister general.... forget shredding.
The hook in this song is off the chart. Another Satch great.
I agree with everything you said except that you consider him underrated. I don't think Joe is underrated at all. I think other musicians and the listening public, those with a discerning ear anyway, know that Joe is a master guitarist and musician. His songs are great, he's technically sound and plays with a lot of feeling. That's a rare combo. There is no "best" guitarist ever but EVH is my favorite. Yet, I think all around Joe is a better guitarist and musician. Go figure!