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Robin Schulz - All This Love (feat. Harlœ) (Official Lyric Video)

Dodano: 2019-05-03

Wyświetleń: 7764221

Czas trwania: 02:50

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Opis materiału Robin Schulz - All This Love (feat. Harlœ) (Official Lyric Video)

                  New single "All This Love" feat. Harlœ
► Get the single here: http://wmg.click/RobinSchulz_AllThisLoveAY
► "Uncovered": http://wmg.click/RobinSchulz_UncoveredAY
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Visit Robin Schulz here:
►Snapchat: robinschulzreal

Video by:
Mdepict – www.mdepict.com  
After making history recently as the first German artist ever with more than 2 billion YouTube views in his channel, Robin Schulz releases his new single today. Aptly called “All This Love”, the track is a collaboration with Harloe (real name Jessica Karpov), a songwriter from L.A. who previously co-wrote songs for the likes of Britney Spears, Charli XCX and Kelly Clarkson. Sitting in a cheap hotel in the dead of night, she ponders on the trials and tribulations of a great love: “And if we have to say goodbye ‘cause it's for the best / What are we gonna do with all this love?“, Harloe wonders, while Robin Schulz’ signature Deep House vibes make for a beautiful and evocative soundtrack. The accompanying music video was shot in Bangkok and is set for a May 9 release.


I love this Song. Ich bin dabei zu tanzen. 😍😍😍😍😍
Daniel Stenzel
Geiler Sänger und eine coole Stimme. Von F.S
Daniel Stenzel
Das Lied ist unvasber
Rhianna Thomas
I really like this song a lot
nimo sonne
Ein super mega HIT... 🎶🔝💯🔊💃 Ich liebe ihn ... BRAVO DJ ROBIN SCHULZ...👍🔝💯🍀🌞
J'adore tout simplement 😐💪💙💖❤
Dagmar Mayer
True love !!!🦄🌼🌷
Marianne Arendt
Kiwi´s life
If I could give 1000 likes I would to it. Very, very great song :-)
Dagmar Mayer
Wahre liebe ist schön😻💛💜💙