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Karl Wolf - YES ft. Super Sako, Deena, Fito Blanko

Dodano: 2019-04-26

Wyświetleń: 905504

Czas trwania: 05:10

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Opis materiału Karl Wolf - YES ft. Super Sako, Deena, Fito Blanko

                  Stream and download YES - http://smarturl.it/71nqoc
Music video directed by Branding Visuals
Produced by Lone Wolf Entertainment
DOP: Abdel Anebarou
Editor: Karl Wolf 
Special effects: Archell Vergara
Executive Producer: Lone Wolf Entertainment
Co-executive producer: Major Motion Entertainment Inc. 

Written & composed by Karl Wolf, Donavan Hollier, Super Sako, Fito Blanko, Deena & Sensei Musica

Produced by Karl Wolf & Sensei Musica

Copyright ©, Lone Wolf Entertainment

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Karl Wolf Bio:
Karl Wolf is a Canadian musician raised in Dubai and based in Toronto. He has been a singer, songwriter and producer since 2001, part of the pop duo SKY, then released his first solo album Face Behind the Face in 2006 which was nominated at the JUNOAwards for Best R&B Soul Recording, followed by a second album Bite the Bullet in 2007 which included Karl’s international hit single “Africa” which sold over 1 million units worldwide and spent 8 weeks at #2 on the Billboard CANADIAN HOT 100. “Africa” gained quadruple-platinum status in Canada, reached #1 on iTunes, #1 on AC Radio, #1 on Hot AC Radio and as a result Karl had won a 2008 MTV Europe Music Award. Karl had followed up this success by releasing chart-topping singles and gold records such as “Carrera”, “Yalla Habibi”, “Mash It Up feat. Juicy J” and “Ghetto Love feat. KardinalOffishall”, which can be found on Wolf’s album Finally Free. Going back to his R&B roots for his album “Stereotype”, he worked with megastar producer Timbaland on his song“Magic Hotel”, amongst some other prominent artists such as Fatman Scoop as well as Canada’s own Classified. In 2015, Karl co-wrote OMI’s “HULA HOOP”. This was followed by the signing of a worldwide publishing deal with BMG Publishing through Zach Katz. 2016 had proven to be another successful year for KW with the release of his EP entitled “The Export Vol. 1”, which included the hit single, “Amateur At Love feat. Kardinal Offishall”. The single landed in the top 10 on the iHeart Radio Charts and was also certified Gold! In addition, Karl recently teamed up with 3-time Grammy Award winner Nelly and renowned producer of the worldwide hit single “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, Jayson Dezuzio, to create “Way Low”, which was part of the recently released EP: Blacklight (The Export Vol 2). Since then Karl has won several awards, one of them being the SOCAN award for ‘Best Pop Song’ for Bulow’s debut smash hit “Not A Love Song”. mnnnnfjjjskskjdihiewnndnnfubue880003333njndjbjbbe????                


Mosaddeque Hossain
(karl wolf and super sako) yeah (fito blanko) yeah whoaI wanna get to know ya,when you coming over?I like you tipsy but I love it when you're soberwe could do it fast or we could take it slowermake ya roll back,make ya lose controlwe could hit the long game,we sexing pora nochesswitching up the time zone,tipping in my Rolexsushi in Japan,only cause we role playcan you say "okay,okay,okay"Skip around the world with my lady yeahgoing down under,Australiabless the rains down in Africaone night and together the rest of our lives,ohi don't care if it's "sí papi"in paris saying"Oui,oui,oui"even if you talk swahilijust wanna hear you say yesi dont care if its "ja ja ja"Russian you like "da da da"even if yoi speak with your body just wanna hear you say yes Habibi,habibidime que sí,dime que sí baby girl,oh Habibi,habibijust wanna hear you say yes Habibi,habibitú sabes que tu quiero[?] Habibi,habibi(just wanna hear you say yes)my Hennessy dreams came truedont worry bout me baby,worry bout youdont worry what i'm doing,when i do what i docause i been getting to the money since high school oohyou dont wanna see me get super psychomy girl look good and she good for life thoughman,i aint met somebody like youbut i'm a lost cause when i cant find youjust tell me yes,i'll be on my wayi know what you been thinking when i'm far awayi know you're feeling lonely when you're all alonebut baby dont you worry i'll be coming home.
mariana garcia
Rebecca Ungama
Like this song very great beat
Mary Behavioral Psychology Therapist
What about in Armenian? 😊
Gerencia Catsac
Natalie Natalie
TOTAL 🔥🔥🔥🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲
Sampath Kumara
nice song. like it.
Michalis Akritidis
συνεχισε ετσι με τα ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ)))
Antony Riello
Lyrics are trash