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five finger death punch - i apologize lyrics

Dodano: 2018-05-03

Wyświetleń: 1213494

Czas trwania: 03:59

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Opis materiału five finger death punch - i apologize lyrics

                  i do not own the copyright of this song its by five finger death punch .
enjoy it ;) 
comment what you need next :D                


Lilou boussis
comment what you need next :D
radit wer
I usually prefer this type of music over fap rap and bop pop.
Azrone Zarone
Still my favorite!
Dwight Wiltz
Funny I thought I knew what was right and still do but in this world where getting what feels good is what's believed to be the right and only wanting to fit in to be truly loved a loyal love makes things somewhat confusing I'm not good enough for Gods love and to damn good for the not so good to put it nicely its said to kill yourself means you go to hell oh the hell am I to say that's not true but it's my opinion that I've been in hell all my damn life so if he and I mean my heavenly father loves me oh and yes I'm a believer in Christ if he loves me then killing myself is a merciful death and he will forgive me for it I only pray that in the future no child has to grow up with so much pain that rescue will come before it's to late... if i offended anyone I don't mean to just desperate for someone to help me
Sezin Sevimli
eski sevgilim buraya gelmeme yol açtı, ilişki bitti ama en azından güzel bi şarkı öğrenmiş oldum..
colby dyess
Fuck I relate to this too much
Jackson Clark
And now I see clearly all these times I simply step aside
charles dill
The font is fitting for the song well done, dont see many of those
SabsoN 11
This solo is so fucking great 🤗