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Jennifer Rush - The Power of Love

Dodano: 2018-05-14

Wyświetleń: 621495

Czas trwania: 06:03

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Opis materiału Jennifer Rush - The Power of Love



Georgiana speaks
this is gorgeous...especially when you are imagining your dream man...what's your flavour???
It doesn't take away from how amazing this is, but there's a pretty bad splice at 5:37.
The war man
omg .. omg .. ooooommmmmmggggggg🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤
Prodip Barua
Powerful song....grew up with it.
Stephen Charity
For me this is the most powerful love song ever written. It is breathtakingly beautiful.
Manny Lopez
Laura Branigan #1
Muiris Niconchobhair
She also did a great version in Spanish. La Fuerza De Amore,' Si tu eres mi hombre y yo tu mujer'
Paula T
The original is the best! Beautiful and touching💜💙💜
What a tremendous confession of love. Thank you so much for posting!!!
Mahnoor Fatima
How was this not included in a movie? My God, I am in tears just by her voice.