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02. Armin van Buuren - Saturday Night (vs. Herman Brood) HQ

Dodano: 2012-05-30

Wyświetleń: 17255

Czas trwania: 06:57

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Opis materiału 02. Armin van Buuren - Saturday Night (vs. Herman Brood) HQ

                  From the album "10 Years" CD 2 (Label: Armada Music), here is Armin's track "Saturday Night".                


josie parkin
I was a big fan of Herman Brood in the 70's. This made me cry. ThanQ for keeping the Herman Alive Xx
Евгений Кагарманов
Here WE ARE! 3:45 AM. Place - Central Siberia. +11 GMT.
Евгений Кагарманов
Ok. I'm in. Consule. UN. "One".
Lylie van Bell
I really love this song ❤
Ha !! Armin has succeeded in making his first masterpiece IMO...PERFECT mix with good choice of Brood's frase and 80s synth playing the theme and it doesn't die, no , the acid-drops-warm notes come in, really 90's retro-vibe to me.....and it goes on and on untill a samba tune before repeating and some two-tone and PAAFF ...All gone ..!!! LOVE
Matt Anderson
Good song I own alot of Armins CD albums especially A State of Trance series.