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Clan of Xymox 'This World' 1997

Dodano: 2011-07-20

Wyświetleń: 25458

Czas trwania: 06:39

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Opis materiału Clan of Xymox 'This World' 1997



Brian Krause
Xymox has so many great songs... I have like 4 or 5 of their albums I think and some of their songs rank amongst my fave songs ever made. It is strange that they are so 'dark' to watch in person, but some songs are so catchy & make me smile from ear to ear by how well they place certain parts of their orchestration. It is hard to explain, but the sequence in the back that starts at 2:02 with the 'ding dang......dang ding' is just so awesome. Small parts like that just make a song so amazing, and Xymox has that type of thing in a large percentage of their songs... I remember having two mix cds of like 40 xymox songs when I was in Amsterdam visiting like around 18+ years ago, it was still a highlight of my 'youth'... 'ding dang.....dang ding'. :)
Mercyful pain
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