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I Prevail - Crossroads LYRICS

Dodano: 2015-02-03

Wyświetleń: 603881

Czas trwania: 03:30

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Opis materiału I Prevail - Crossroads LYRICS

                  Dedicated to J.
I own nothing...Youtube,please don't remove this O.O

Also sorry for deh flaws.                


El Vaquero Galáctico
Video speed x1.25 😁
Derp Skull
Wake up
This song helped me stop cutting
caseY jones
This song just saved my life I had honestly been thinking about taking my life
stephanie turner
I think this my favorite I prevail song
Noah 67
Damn all of I prevails songs are good
Dustin Lawless Bigstone
I listen 2 this song alot when i feel like killing myself
william bloss
I really needed this. I'm in a really dark place right now and I honestly don't know what I'm doing with my life. I got bullied throughout school so I never really had friends and it's really affecting me badly. I have no one to go to when I feel down and I just wanna be happy for once. I don't wanna die but I want my pain to end..... Yes I have my family but they just don't get it. As I'm growing up it's getting worse ;(
Tortoise Lover
When you're happy, you like music. When you're down, you understand the words.
Alysha B
I so needed this song lately ❤