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3D Modeling Tutorial #57 - Scripts - Clavertech

Dodano: 2014-07-09

Wyświetleń: 34976

Czas trwania: 20:53

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #57 - Scripts - Clavertech

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #57 - Scripts - Clavertech

In this video I'll introduce you to scripts and how they can improve your modeling and workflow in 3D Studio Max. 




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Srđan Josipović
Doesn't the built in feature "select and place" do the same thing as clavertech script?
Does clavertech's align not work for anyone else at 5:41? (Max2018 user)When I use the hotkey, I see a "Pick Target Surface" notification on the bottom left, but I can't click on anything.
Mahdi Afrasiabi
It was awesome!
Cliff burton
this clevertech script simply saves tons of time. imagine aligning an object into a square? that would take years.
Duke Leto Atreides
In the span of a month I have improved in my modeling ability more than the previous 2 years combined. THANK YOU!
Marc Willy
If you guys have problems with Clavertech, just go to the main interface of 3dmax and click on the Scripting Window -> New Script. Then paste the code from the website and close it. You will now find the script in Customize User Interface -> Category -> ClaverTech
Freaking awesome !!!
Thomas Williams
Nice tutorial but now 3ds max has a surface alignment tool built in.It works, but doesn't do the rotation.
tnx alot man
Tanveer Cheema
How do i install the clavertech script because there isn't no download link?