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Ella Henderson - Yours (LYRICS)

Dodano: 2014-08-21

Wyświetleń: 377020

Czas trwania: 03:11

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Opis materiału Ella Henderson - Yours (LYRICS)



•Rosie Elise•
fyi pretty much every like third line is wrong
Thegamingminion Jr
Wrong lyrics unfortunately
Telepathetic Messages
That holds me in the night not haunts me
Abby Music
I did a cover of this on my channel - would be so grateful if you would check it out?? 💕
Harvi shah
If u like this song check out skipping stone from claire de lune
Gaming with Calli
I sung this for my school talent show, it's such a good song!
devanie mccormick
Honestly such a beautiful song that portrays love so magically
Xiao Drew
Girlfriend cover this😊🤗i love it❤😘😘😍
Ellie Cooper
2018 anyone??