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Lana Del Rey ~ Video Games (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2012-02-11

Wyświetleń: 6425249

Czas trwania: 04:40

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Hi guys, je voulais préciser que je suis française & que ma chaîne sera une série de paroles des chansons que vous préférez en ce moment :) Kissouilles ♥                


Jor Núñez
Gossip Girl brought me back here and I’m definitely not mad about it. Lana’s songs are pure art it’s simply amazing the way this give you memories about things that you have never personally experienced, you know what I mean? the nostalgic feels, the chills, the happiness, sadness and everything combined... Her songs are poetry, haunting and absolutely heartbreaking in a good way, I’m hooked! And also the aesthetic is just perfect and the vintage vibes that characterize her I’m completely in love... — A boy who likes good music
Zothan Tluangi
Brian Thompson
No wonder she was mercilessly mocked on SNL. 1001 thumbs down.
Sarah Jo Corona
This song hits just as hard at 22 as it did at 15
Aloha it's Ahona
hey guys! i just made a cover of this song on my channel coz i love this song so much! it would mean the world to me if you could check it out! thanks!
Amber_cakes133 Lee
Del Rey explained the song's meaning to UK newspaper The Sun: "It's a song about letting go of my musical ambitions and settling down into a simple life with a person I loved. We had a mutual love for the community of New York, art and hard work."The actual video game Del Rey is singing about is World of Warcraft, inspired by a boyfriend who used to play it a lot. By keeping the title generic, Del Rey kept the song open for interpretation.
Aurora Vázquez
"Heaven is a place on earth with you..."Bro...my heart :(
Ugh this song is so beautiful its reminds me of so many people I love...I guess that's why its so beautiful
ilham bagus nugraha
😖😖😖 go play video games
abigail foote
I've noticed in the comments that a lot of people in the comments is talking about suicide. I can't tell if they're joking but my point still stands. While, I don't know you or your situation, you are loved, you are worth it. Everything happens for a reason, this is most certainly a time where you are growing. We're always growing. Just, try not to think those thoughts. You were put on this Earth for a reason. And if nobody around you showing they care then I am here to say that I care and love each and every one of you! <3